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Sometimes you can come across quite strange offers on the Internet for one of the most popular messengers. Users are encouraged to purchase accounts Whatsapp, However, do not rush to make such a purchase as you can always install WhatsApp on your phone and then on your computer for free.

This makes the application so attractive that access to its reception is restricted only by the presence of a SIM card with a telephone number and it does not matter which cellular operator is used. So if you are an ordinary mobile phone user who needs a convenient messenger, you can safely install and work with the version of the application you want (supported by your smartphone or tablet).

If you have a phone with two or three SIM cards, you don’t need to buy either account, you will find detailed instructions on how to install two Vatsap on one phone at the same time.
And still, such an operation will be free. What are WhatsApp Accounts for Sale? Is that a scam?

Who needs to buy messenger accounts?

The sale of accounts is not a scam, it is an advertisement created only for a specific group of users who advertise through applications. Such lovers know exactly why they should buy WhatsApp accounts, and for them these purchases are wholesale. You need to buy to have many accounts at once, from which you can “bring together” a larger audience than would be possible with just one account.

The question arises: is it really impossible to buy just one stack of SIM cards for the same purposes? Of course you could, but it costs advertisers more than buying WhatsApp accounts through a dedicated website on the internet, especially when it comes to wholesale.


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