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Push button phones with WhatsApp are widely used because the application itself is not very resource intensive. Many companies have started adding messengers to their push button models. For example the infamous Nokia and its models: 301, 216, Asha 300, 1800, etc., in which VatsAp is already pre-installed. In addition to Nokia, the models Fly (MC175 Khaki, DS105C), LG (GX300, GU230) and Samsung (Duos E2152) can install Whatsapp. However, the messenger is not pre-installed on all devices. You have to install it yourself:

You will need to download the installer for your phone’s operating system onto your computer

Put it in the phone’s root folders
Run the installer and install it on a push button phone
Register an account

WhatsApp simple messenger registration

The developers have completely customized WhatsApp for a push-button phone. Almost all functions remained as in the versions on Android, iOS. You can exchange text and voice messages, send media files, create groups, edit a profile (avatar, status, name), make calls and even support emoticons and stickers.
If there’s no way to download WhatsApp to a push button phone, you can use the web version, but you already need an account to do that. Consider the option of authorization on a regular Indian company phone, Jio
Go to the browser and the WhatsApp website
We scan the code shown on the page with an Android or iOS mobile application

Where can I find and view the archive in the WhatsApp application?

In general, the principle of input is the same as on a computer. The functionality is practically no different from the mobile version. The ability to exchange text messages, attach media files, edit the profile, create groups, etc. The restrictions are the same, it is impossible to make calls and register a new account.
It is possible that the phrase “push button phone with WhatsApp” will make someone smile. In fact, these days such devices are more common in the elderly or in people who are really too lazy to keep up with advances in technology. However, it is theoretically possible to determine Whatsapp on a cell phone with buttons is still available. In addition, it has been put into practice.

Messenger Watsap on a push button phone

If you have an old model of phone, it doesn’t mean at all that it is impossible to use Vatsap on it. The developers tried to expand their product to as many devices as possible. And they even implemented support for controlling buttons, not a touchscreen.
In the summer of 2017, support for outdated and “exotic” mobile operating systems is expected to end. And that’s the official statement from the developers. In any case, you will most likely have to switch to touchscreen devices running Android, iOS, or Windows.

In general, when answering the question of whether WhatsApp can be installed on a push button phone, consider the minimum system requirements for the hardware:

a specific operating system;
the ability to access the internet;
the presence of a built-in camera;
a certain amount of RAM;
the amount of permanent storage required to be able to Install WhatsApp.

If the phone technically meets all the requirements, you can use Vatsap. In addition, there are certain phone models that have already successfully installed.

These include, for example: Nokia Asha 300 RedFly MC175 KhakiLG GX300 blackSamsung Duos Lite E2152 Ceramic White. This list is actually quite extensive. Here are just the “most typical” models.


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