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Blacklist or Ban List is a very useful feature that can help you get rid of an annoying subscriber or spammer. Many, if not all, messengers and social networks make this possible. In addition, you can always whitelist the subscriber back. WhatsApp blacklisting is certainly available too.

What if you block a user?

Of course, many are interested in what will actually happen to the person who was not lucky enough to be on the prohibited list.

In fact, this is what will happen:

He won’t be able to make calls;
It will of course not be possible to write messages and attach files.
Thirdly, the status “online” or “offline” is not visible, ie this user will never know again whether the subscriber who blocked him has entered the network or not.
Fourth, changes in status or in the profile photo are not visible.
However, the opposite is also true: you cannot send anything to a blocked user either. For example, sending him abusive messages with impunity will not work.

How to hack WhatsApp Messenger

Block the user

How do I add a contact to the blacklist in WhatsApp? That’s not hard. You need to do the following: Menu – Settings – Account – Privacy – Blocked. Next you will see a list of users in emergency situations. To add a new contact, click on “Add blocked account” and select the one you want from the contact list. If you need to block a contact who is not in the phone’s address book, you need to select a chat with that subscriber and select the “Block” entry.

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An important feature! Even if a user is blocked, they are not removed from the contact list. To permanently and completely remove an unwanted contact, you need to delete it from the address book of your mobile device.

How do I unlock a user?

It happens that a contact accidentally entered an emergency. How can you unlock it? It’s easy too. You have to select: Menu – Settings – Account – Privacy – Blocked. Select the desired user from the black list and click the “Unlock” item. Now this subscriber appears again in the white list. You can also just try to send a message to this person – and the system will offer to unblock them yourself.

Communication in instant messengers is not always pleasant. First, there is a whole category of users who send spam. And there are subscribers who just have provocative conversations or speak negatively about you. Because of this, the question that often arises is how to add WhatsApp “blacklist” a person who annoys you all the time. There are two ways to deal with an undesirable interlocutor, and both of which are associated with blocking that user.

In the first case you have to open a dialog with the desired object, even if this is the last time you have to enter there. Already there you have to click on three points above. A menu with a key will appear “Yet”. The first button with the label is displayed “Block”. This is what you need to use. However, do not forget to confirm your operation afterwards, otherwise the messenger will not remember that this topic is an undesirable conversation partner for you.

You can do the same thing to unlock, but don’t have to confirm anything: the person’s account will be unlocked automatically.

The second blocking method allows you to do much the same thing. It is better if the subscriber annoys you with their calls too.

Go to the tab “Challenges”.
There we will find the call you want.
Click on it and get in “Call information”.
We find three points above.
We use the second button “Block”.
Don’t forget to confirm.

To unlock the number you have to do the same thing, except you don’t have to confirm anything.

Who should be blacklisted?

When it occurs to you to organize Whatsapp “Blacklist”, then the candidates for it are those with whom you will not enter into a dialogue under any circumstances. These can be personal enemies, advertising company representatives, call centers, and even collectors.

Many people these days have to deal with early loan payments, but this is not a reason to pamper their nerves. Before the money appears, it is not possible to pay the amount, no matter how much the bank or debt collection agency wants. And an item that you probably don’t need is still not buying or using the services offered by annoying advertisers. So it is better to just ignore them, which will help the “blacklist”.


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