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Files can disappear from time to time for various reasons. Hence, it is important to know how to backup WhatsApp. Thanks to WhatsApp, users send over 12 billion messages of all kinds every day. Since 2015, the messenger is considered the most used among the residents of the Russian Federation and one of the most advanced in the CIS. Thanks to him, you can easily communicate with loved ones and send them audio, photos and videos.

The transfer of information to Vatsap is characterized by an increased level of security. After the interlocutor has received the message, the message is automatically deleted from the service servers and is only on the user’s computer or smartphone. So if he accidentally cleared the dialog, a request to technical support to restore it is meaningless.

Here’s how to make an additional copy of WhatsApp data

There are two WhatsApp backup methods – virtual and local. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Option 1: copy data locally

Storing files in the device’s memory is called local. It does this every day at 2 a.m. in accordance with the developer’s policy and saves all dialogs in case they are restored.

How to install and download WhatsApp on the PC

Plus, you can independently take WhatsApp backup if necessary to ensure important information is safe. To achieve that:

You should go to the application and bring up the menu at the top right.

Select the section “the settings“, and since – “Chat rooms“;

Open the column “Chats backup“And click on the inscription”Backup“(Marked green).

Done, now all the existing conversations will be downloaded and the user can return them if they are deleted. Where is all information from chats stored? In the folder along the path “Whatsapp“-“Databases“.

Option 2: Virtual copying of information

Virtual named storage from a file in the cloud on Google hard drive. This may be necessary, for example, to transfer information to Android when the device is changed, and also when the device is defective in such a state that it is impossible to remove from its memory.

WhatsApp or Viber – Similarities and Differences

This method can be configured to automatically duplicate WhatsApp information in Google Drive. You can set periods from once a day to once a month. How to create a WhatsApp backup of this type:

You have to open WhatsApp and “parameter“;
Select from the sections “Chat rooms“-“Backup copy …»(May look different on the iPhone);
The inscription “Google Drive settings“;

First of all, you need to provide an account where you can view and save all information. Just click on the line “account“And choose the ones you need;

Then you should indicate how often the reservation should be made;

Videos are not backed up due to lack of space. This element can be deactivated by selecting the option “Add a video“.

Now all information will be saved on Google Drive and from there it will look for duplicates.

Why you need a backup of WhatsApp understand many people who have already come across the fact more than once by mistake the necessary messages. Someone made an appointment for you, or a declaration of love remained, or maybe you solved some business problems with the help of the messenger. It is important to save such information, which is why the creators of the application have worked hard to keep the dialogs in automatic mode. However, the mobile phone cannot save all dialogs in a row. The fact is that backing up copies to Whatsapp created so that you can choose different locations for them:

Cell phone memory;
replaceable flash memory card.

And if the “cloud” or micro SD card can contain a lot of information, the memory of smartphones is very limited. The more applications you use, the less it will be. Hence, WhatsApp backup is designed to save messages for the last week only. As soon as a new communication day passes, the information from eight days ago will be deleted. However, if you just deleted something in the current week, it can still be restored.

How to restore chats saved in backups

It’s easy: all you have to do is either download information from the cloud or find a suitable file on your phone wherever it is stored.

You can identify this file by its name, but you need to look in the folder “Whatsapp”. The backup file itself has a name like msgstore.db.crypt. If the title includes a date, it looks something like this: msgstore-2017-01-01.1.db.crypt. What to do if you find the file for the date you want?

Rename the file, change the date to the current one, and write it in the same format.
Remove Messenger by reinstalling it.
Copy backups before you start Databases.
Folder content media You want to write to the appropriate folder on the mobile device that is in the folder “Whatsapp”.
Start the newly downloaded application.
Register again with the same credentials.
Confirm the request to use the available data.

That way, the WhatsApp backup will become available for you and you will get the information that previously disappeared for whatever reason. The work will be slow but thankful for lost data recovery.


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