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After a brief use of the messenger, anyone may want to change the background for WhatsApp to be more comfortable while working with the program. There are various options for replacing the standard image for the selection of users.

Change the picture via the WhatsApp settings

The easiest way to change the background in WhatsApp is to use the standard functions of the program. For this you need:

Open Messenger.

Go to the menu (marked with a vertical line of three dots).

Carry out settings.

Enter the chats.

Find the section “background“.

Choose a change method.

The image can be downloaded from the gallery, standard offers can be used or completely removed

After pressing the “To install»The background color for all chats changes in the application.

Change the wallpaper for a chat

In order to standardize the correspondence with different interlocutors, the user can change the picture for a specific chat. This process is similar to the one described above. However, so that the background for WatsUp does not change for all friends, you need to go to the settings of the chat selected for the change.

Standard fills with colors, loading an image from a device or canceling all background images are available for installation.

Replacing an image with an additional program

A dedicated WhatsApp Wallpaper utility, available for download from the official Google Play Market, contains a collection of various wallpapers and images for WhatsApp. To use the program you will need:

Go to the App Store.

Enter in the search bar “WhatsApp wallpaper“.

Press the button “To install“.

Wait for the download to complete.

After that, the question of how to change the background in WhatsApp doesn’t bother the user anymore. To change the wallpaper, just open Messenger and run the utility. The program is provided free of charge, but may contain paid content.

This is an easy way to change the wallpaper in WhatsApp and make the application more personalized.

The design of a chat in WhatsApp is quite simple and visually boring quickly. However, in the parameters of the Messenger you can change the background image for WhatsApp, set a new background and make your feed more attractive.


Which image formats does the messenger offer for use:

Default: the initial background present on all bands during installation;
Background color: A single-color filling without drawings and photos is used for decoration.
Gallery: Images and images for the background are selected from the photo library on the device.
Special applications: offer interesting image catalogs, but require installation on a smartphone.

Important! All of the above options work through the Messenger menu. Hence, they are similar for devices with Android, Windows, and iOS systems.

Change the WhatsApp background

Method 1. Change the background in all chats

This option changes the background parameters of all chats – individuals and groups. How to change all wallpapers for WhatsApp:

Turn on the messenger.
Go to Settings.
Select a section “Chats” – Subsection “Background”.
Choose a background format.
Confirm action.

Method 2. Set the wallpaper in a specific chat.

If you have to differentiate between business and personal correspondence, you have to use the individual background setting for Watsap:

Activate Vatsap.
Go to a specific chat.
Go to the setup menu (top right).
Select a section “Background”.
Set the desired format.

Note! If you are fed up with the background too, you can use any of the algorithms above to change it.

Each chat looks different, so you can quickly navigate the correspondence.

Method 3. Single applications

For those who do not want to be restricted by the framework of the standard, special software is offered that contains original wallpapers and screensavers for WhatsApp. This software needs to be installed. Hence, it is better to download them from trusted sources.

Search and installation algorithm:

Go to the device.
Select the official software store: for Android – Google Market, iOS – AppStore, Windows Phone – Microsoft Store.
In the search bar, ask to download the screen saver for WhatsApp for free (or the name of the software, if known).
Agree to the installation.
Start software.
Choose a picture.
Confirm screen saver.

Method 4. From the Internet

There is no need to download and install software that consumes memory. You can use the resources of the network. There are a number of websites on the internet that develop wallpapers for Watsap. Images and images on websites are not only beautiful, they are also the size and resolution you need. For ease of use, the images are systematized by subject and location – backgrounds, screensavers, avatars, etc.

To download a screen saver to a smartphone from the Internet:

Go to the browser.
Enter the address (if known) or the request in the search bar – download the screen saver for WhatsApp.
Go to the site page.
Scroll and select the image you want.
Click on it until the menu appears.
Select Download (the picture is usually displayed in the gallery).
To set it as the background, use the change algorithm given in Method # 2.

So there are a few ways to vary the color palette of the ribbon in Watsap. All you have to do is choose the option you want and follow the instructions. Have a nice chat!


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