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You will find the name Avinfobot WhatsApp on the World Wide Web. What does that mean? This is the abbreviation for the automatic vehicle information finder. See the phrase Avinfobot Whatsapp – You won’t immediately guess that this is a search engine for cars, but it has one syllable a V means “Dare”, Syllables the information – This is already a familiar name “Information”, and bot – The “Robot”. And with its help you can:

Find out what the history of the car is just from the photo of its license plate;

Find out the phone number of the person selling this car.
Find an advertisement through a link to this number.
Find out if this car had an accident.
Check if the car owner has debt to the bailiff.
Get information about the chassis number;
be informed immediately about new car advertising.
That is, if you want to buy a car for yourself, no matter how the owner decorates it, you can always find a bug without resorting to the help of experts, whose work is not cheap.

Using the Avinfobot WhatsApp feature – trust in the car

If you can rely on the machine, you can check the correctness of its work in the future. Your health and life will depend on it. However, the condition of your nervous system depends mainly on minimizing legal problems with the car. And you can avoid them by using Avinfobot.

To be able to access it, you will need to install WhatsApp on your gadget, which will allow you to contact the bot who will appear as a network user. You must establish a dialog connection with this contact. Say you have the car salesman’s cell phone number. Send it to the robot for information about this user and his machine.

Do you have a license plate or a photo of it? You can also send them to the robot. In addition to this information, the owner’s first and last name are helpful. You can also use the link to the auto sale ad itself as input. Thanks to the timely receipt of all “ins and outs”, you will not be wrong when buying a car.


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