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Advertising via WhatsApp has become relevant due to the rise in the price of SMS information and the legal ban without the consent of the subscriber. And free messengers are not included in these lists. In addition, the advertising for goods or services is always in the focus of the customer.

Advertising functions via WhatsApp

The main thing here is to find the line promoting the product and not turn information into normal spam. Each factor influences a certain value. In the territory of the CIS countries, for example, such measures are perceived negatively in 40%. This is mainly due to distrust. Out of 100% of people, only half read these messages.

To advertise effectively on WhatsApp, you should not be afraid to experiment. In addition, a message costs a couple of kopecks. When composing a message, a simple look on the part of the customer is sufficient

Is it good for business to increase sales on WhatsApp?

The cost of goods is greatly reduced. It costs many times less money, which means that offers can be made more profitable than those of competitors. There are no sales on Viber and WhatsApp. But there are a lot of chats there. If even one person is correctly informed, the entire group will recognize the chain. And that’s network marketing, just without wasting resources.

Different ways to pay Watsapp from your phone – User Guide

Advertising via WhatsApp helps small businesses sell your product or service. By creating a group in such a messenger, you can easily notify subscribers and customers. Advertisements can be created graphically with stickers or photos. By adding the required links, users can easily find a place to post. And an informal style of communication creates psychological tricks that a person can easily win over.

GIFs for WhatsApp – free download

How to Create a WhatsApp Email Marketing Campaign Properly

WhatsApp is an application with its own personal network. It is mailing lists that are one of the functions that determine the type of communication. Therefore there is a certain action algorithm.

First, the message itself is created.
Next, choose the contacts and groups you want to see the message.
On phones with the Android operating system, this is done as follows: Select the item “Chat rooms“. According to the menu”New mailing list“.
Then the sign “+“And all recipients are entered. Everything ends with a click on “Done“.

Apple’s smartphones are no different!


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